Clash Royale – New Cards and Troops and Tips

clash royale newsSupercell typically released some teasers talk peek before the update, and we now have four received. The new arena is nice, but we want more troops and that’s what we got. Supercell announced four new maps, three new cards and a first ever magic legendary. The first new troops is an ice Spirit, that the spirits of fire and costs two elixir. He probably did similar damage (maybe less) and ice slows enemy troops. We do not know how good they are, but we’ll know soon enough. As you can see above, like the Clash Clash Royal clans Players now have access to melon troops. He threw large stones at the enemy, rebound and injured several goals at once. So, the splash damage. It is 6 Elixir, if expensive, but should take its ability barbaric and bounce in support of the troops or the tower behind it.

new cardsManage your elixir Resources Holding Back –
Every second during the battle, you get a point elixir. If you are planning an attack, then it is good to wait in general until you have saved enough elixir to use up some cards in combination. For example, we all know how powerful is the giant, but it has a backup power makes the longest giant and more damage. You can have three or four cards in an attempt to attack, but it is best to remember and see what your combo done first. You can trough the use of a card that you have a target to send any elixir for defense against attacks from your opponents. Although it may look like you win first of all, if you ignore your defense, you end up losing.

Manage your gold Klug The Choosy About upgrades –
It is very tempting, first of all possible to update the map, but it is much more efficient than your updates to be picky. In general, I would stay all upgrade cards mainly because they are cheaper. Use to update even your gold cards, you know you use frequently and love. Free safes are regularly given to you and you get cash when you win a battle, you will be able to upgrade any other new cards goodies on the way you get into the boxes.

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