New Mobile Game – The Sun

The Sun: Lite beta for Android is extremely well-liked and many of players all over the globe would be pleased to know the upcoming version is on its way. The developer AGaming+ showed their talent and created such an interesting and enjoyable game which by now has gained the attention it deserves to get.

In 2050, the sun released a tremendous quantity of power into the cosmos, thrusting the world into anarchy for centuries. It was forecasted by lots of important talents all around the world. Fortune tellers, telepathic specialists, best researchers, astronomers high stage symposiums, meetings and discussions on all sides of the earth were attempting to be paid attention to, by the administrations which slowed down in planet redeployment. Nobody believed or did anything regarding it. As a result, they went for rescheduling this difficulty to the latter list; they even paid no attention to the indications and symbols till to the instant when it was obviously extremely late.

Following the discharge, plenty of radioactive atoms were thrashed into the universe, which in the end got the Earth to even out all evil and angel, wealthy and penniless, armed rivals and pals. Not many of

the people of the planet were alive, merely the natives who were ready and took note of the cautions from the scientists.

Folks who came back to the shell were bringing back cultivation, building new civilizations and new rules of existence. A similar kind of such community was where Raven, the main lead of the game was born and full-fledged.

Lend a hand to the main lead to stay alive in an unkind place which is approximately damaged by the solar emission. Travel around hazardous spots in search of assets. This thrilling game would get you to a post destroyed imminently. A strong inferno on the sun thrust the planet into anarchy and nearly smashed everyone living. Direct the lead across depressing abandoned lands filled with numerous monsters. Help him to overcome villains and discovers underground places with weapons.


Aspects to enjoy:-

  1. A conversation procedure is added which is currently in expansion
  2. A mission scheme is also under expansion
  3. Conditional on the kind of tools and space, a few items could be fired
  4. Currently, shotguns are shooting shrapnel instead of bullet
  5. Injury caused by a shotgun increase dependent on the amount of shrapnel striking the objective
  6. Now the towers and the mutants are departed following the save game or else shift through the stages if have been slaying off (not including some).
  7. A save point has to be added up;
  8. Including some other repairs and upgrading.


This astonishing game will get you to a location predictive time. This installation of the game is about 400 megabytes and can be played on Android 4.1 versions or afterward. With its fantastic visual experience and the thrilling plotline with lots of exciting features, it is one of those games you surely won’t want to miss out.

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